RAITH STATUS: Piezo leveling seems to be working today -- system is working well with excellent resolution...

James Conway toecutter4ranger at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 18:10:32 PST 2011

Greetings Raith Community:

In my test the Piezo leveling using height control was working today during
my session...
We continue to troubleshoot what may be an intermittent communications or
hardware issue.

Once the new EDA module arrives we will install and test it again, and
again, and again till I am happy!

Leveling results:
Standard Sample Holder WD set = 5 MM on center of 100 mm wafer with centered
piezo positions:

During leveling 3 spot focus acquisition total delta WD = 60 um
After leveling with no errors called from Application total delta WD = 8.6

Both measurements made across 90 mm across wafer.


System resolution  today at 5 kV, 5 mm WD, using 30 um aperture: min
resolvable feature on Au sputter coat on polymer = 1.2 nm FWHM 50% at 500kx
mag. Range of measurements during the afternoon on five different places 1.2
to 1.79 nm

Smallest contact hole found today on a NIL daughter master from a write  on
12052010 was 11.17 nm.

System is in an optimal state.

New users and old:
Please be sure to hold the Load Lock Door down when starting the load lock
procedure to AVOID LL errors!

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
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