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Sun Jul 1 10:46:57 PDT 2007

Hi all,

      Some announcements and updates regarding the Cascade probe  
station in CIS 152.

1) The repaired chiller is back from Temptronic. It has been  
installed, and the temp. controller is ready for use. Please remember  
that the system is to be used only from -40 to +150 degrees.

2) We have ordered and received 4 more probe holders (to replace the  
broken ones). Unfortunately, two more of our original probe holders  
were damaged in the meantime, leaving us with _five_ total working  
holders. We have ordered two more to bring the total to seven. This  
will allow us to work with 6 manipulators and have 1 backup.

3) Due to the high ongoing cost of these repairs and part  
replacements, as well as high Cascade use, we have consulted with  
faculty and arrived at the conclusion that the user list needs to be  

We will begin re-qualifying users for the Cascade immediately. The  
criteria for requalification are:

- Demonstration of a compelling reason to use the Cascade (i.e. why  
your measurements cannot be performed elsewhere). These reasons should  
be demonstrated to Gaurav, Duygu, and Mihir. Simple IVs and CVs should  
be performed on the EE410 system managed by Raymond Woo.
- Accompanying three separate users on three separate days to observe  
proper loading procedures.
- Final training by Gaurav (gthareja at, Duygu (duygu), or  
Mihir (mihirt).

It is our hope that this additional training will prevent system  
downtime and expensive repairs. Paring the userlist will also allow us  
to expand the reservation limits.

More detailed announcements will be posted in CIS 152.

Mihir Tendulkar
Applied Physics PhD Candidate
Nishi Group, Stanford University

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