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Sun Jul 1 16:01:56 PDT 2007

Hi all,

In addition to Mihir's announcements, we'll prepare 'procedures' to  
use Temptronic, temperature controller. It has been down for a long  
while and took a lot of effort to get it back.Please wait for  
procedures, before starting to use the system.



Quoting mihirt at

> Hi all,
>      Some announcements and updates regarding the Cascade probe station
> in CIS 152.
> 1) The repaired chiller is back from Temptronic. It has been installed,
> and the temp. controller is ready for use. Please remember that the
> system is to be used only from -40 to +150 degrees.
> 2) We have ordered and received 4 more probe holders (to replace the
> broken ones). Unfortunately, two more of our original probe holders
> were damaged in the meantime, leaving us with _five_ total working
> holders. We have ordered two more to bring the total to seven. This
> will allow us to work with 6 manipulators and have 1 backup.
> 3) Due to the high ongoing cost of these repairs and part replacements,
> as well as high Cascade use, we have consulted with faculty and arrived
> at the conclusion that the user list needs to be rebooted. ALL USERS
> We will begin re-qualifying users for the Cascade immediately. The
> criteria for requalification are:
> - Demonstration of a compelling reason to use the Cascade (i.e. why
> your measurements cannot be performed elsewhere). These reasons should
> be demonstrated to Gaurav, Duygu, and Mihir. Simple IVs and CVs should
> be performed on the EE410 system managed by Raymond Woo.
> - Accompanying three separate users on three separate days to observe
> proper loading procedures.
> - Final training by Gaurav (gthareja at, Duygu (duygu), or
> Mihir (mihirt).
> It is our hope that this additional training will prevent system
> downtime and expensive repairs. Paring the userlist will also allow us
> to expand the reservation limits.
> More detailed announcements will be posted in CIS 152.
> -- 
> Mihir Tendulkar
> Applied Physics PhD Candidate
> Nishi Group, Stanford University

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