Cascade: Temptronic back up tomorrow [Pls read]

Mihir Tendulkar mihirt at
Wed Jan 30 13:15:10 PST 2008

Hi all,

      The chiller fluid arrived this afternoon. I will top off the  
tank tonight after my classes / AJA target change and run through the  
diagnostics. It will be ready for use tomorrow.

      We had some leaks in the system that were consuming fluid faster  
than expected. Remember, this fluid is EXPENSIVE! We want to minimize  
problems in the future.

      So, to keep an eye on potential problems, we ask that you  
*record in the logbook* when you use the chiller or hot chuck. Just  
make a note of it in the rightmost column. Indicate what temperature  
you went to and about how long you used it at that temperature. This  
will allow us to track any odd behavior in the future and minimize  

      Keep in mind that you must be trained on the hot chuck / chiller  
if you are going to use it. Please e-mail me, Gaurav (gthareja@), or  
Duygu (duygu@) if you need training on this part of the system. Do not  
use otherwise.

      Thank you!

Mihir Tendulkar
Applied Physics PhD Candidate
Nishi Group, Stanford University

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