CV screwed up + substrate current

gthareja at gthareja at
Sat Jun 7 19:29:51 PDT 2008

As you all might know that the CV measurements are screwed up on cascade.

We think it is a chuck issue - large series resistance. however we can  
not completely be sure. It might be the Agilent 4284A

1. Please give feedback after looking at your measurements. The CV  
curves are not just noisy but show an order or more - lower capacitance.

2. Is there anyone doing CV with both gate and substrate - top  
contacts (substrate contact NOT chuck), feedback from such user would  
help us alot.

3. However anybody who is doing IV measurements involving substrate  
contact or anyone measuring MOSFET, please record your substrate  
current. Let us know if it noisy or higher than expected. One user has  
already given us such feedback.


Nishi group

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