problems with cascade.

Gaurav Thareja gthareja at
Thu Feb 26 22:20:32 PST 2009

Dear users.

we are trying to fix the problem on cascade ("crazy capacitance" and "high leakage"). We are running the special process which cascade has instructed us to follow to solve these problems.

few requests

1. please DO NOT do the high temp bake. I want to monitor all high temp baking which the users are undertaking. If you plan to use the low temp chuck measurements, please discuss with me. (special request to Mcintyre group students).

2. please record your problems on coral with some solid evidence. just saying crazy cap and high leakage does not help. please explain which leakage and what were you trying to measure ? You can even send me a personal email, if you do not want to share your measurement details with the user community.

thanks for your patience

Cascade admins

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