return connectors/cables, send email, temp controller.

Gaurav Thareja gthareja at
Thu Nov 5 12:20:20 PST 2009

Dear Cascade users.

1. Please return the coax/triax connectors. They are disappearing and users are having problems.

2. The system is running very busy (that is great !), but there are some 'bad' users who do not send emails after canceling the session or do not show up for their reservation. I keep sending them warnings and eventually disqualify them after 3 warnings. Please report all such things to me.

3. I am keeping a close watch on the temperature controller usage. There is a 0.5 hour overhead time to bring the system to standby state esp. if you are doing any measurements below 41C (temperature at which chiller kicks in). Anytime you see the chuck cold or in a condensed state (water drops on the chuck) - please email the entire list on coral to alert all of us. Do not use the temperature controller w/o being formally trained on it. Cold chuck gives bad CVs and high leakage issues.

happy measuring.

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