chuck problems and retraining for all temperature controller users.

Gaurav Thareja gthareja at
Sun Nov 8 13:04:58 PST 2009

Dear Cascade users

Cascade chuck has gone bad AGAIN ! (bad CVs and high leakage). I would be running a long bake tonight.

In response to this, I have disabled the temperature controller. I would like to re-train everyone who is planning to use the temperature controller.

Please send me an email ASAP indicating, 
Why do you want to use the temperature controller ?
what time can you show up for the training ?

I have training hours 
Tue 4:30p-5p
Wednesday 3p-3:30p
Thursday 11:30a-12noon
Friday 7p-7:30p

Also, I would like to keep a list of all the temperature controller users - hence your response would help.

warm regards

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