important notice about cascade useage from trainers

Xiangyu Chen xiangyuc at
Fri Jan 29 01:41:52 PST 2010

Dear users
     I hope that your research is going well. 
     Recently, we have received a lot of complaints about the bad condition of cascade probe tips. I'd like to point out that I have changed tips three times in the past three weeks or so, and used up a whole box of new probe tips (ten tips in total) within the past month!! The tips are wearing out unacceptably fast!

    Even though they are indeed soft and very fragile, if used carefully, a new tip should at least last for a couple of months. So everyone PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE TIPS! They are expensive, and we only have limited amount of supply. 

    Since the situation is getting unacceptably serious, I'm going to do a daily check on the condition of the probe tips and the logbook myself starting from tomorrow. Everybody please remember to do a status check on ALL of the probe tips BEFORE & AFTER your operation, and keep records on the logbook. People who are not careful enough with the tips, or not recording status of the tips will receive warnings, pay for the new tips, or be suspended from the station. 
    We want to make sure that cascade is always in good condition for everybody. Since it is very heavily used, it takes everyone's effort to maintain the system. Thank you very much for your understanding and collaboration. 

Helen, Gaurav, and Mihir

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