Cascade reminders [please read]

Mihir Tendulkar mihirt at
Tue Sep 7 23:09:14 PDT 2010

Cascade users,

Gaurav is stepping down (congratulations to him on a great defense), and Helen is still away for the summer. I'm temporarily the main Cascade manager. To lessen the amount of time I spend maintaining it, please keep a few things in mind: 

*** The probe tips are SUPPOSED to have a normal bend to them. ***

The tips have a very slight crook at the end. Rakesh helpfully replaced several probe tips yesterday afternoon, and I checked them today. They are all brand-new, and they all conduct very well when probing on a common pad (tested at 10pm). 

Please do not record them as "bent" when they are normal. "Bent" is reserved for severely damaged tips. 

*** Inspect the probe tips after you use the station. *** 

The instructions clearly state: inspect the probe tips after use. Raise them all to the same height and focus the microscope on them, then record the status. When the next person inserts their sample and lowers the lever, the microscope will be pre-focused on the tips. 

When I insert my sample and I see the microscope focused at sample height (not to mention most/all of the tips are out of the field of view), it is evident the previous user DID NOT check the tips and simply wrote "same." This is unacceptable and will result in a warning. 

*** Report bent tips on Coral. ***

I don't read the logs very frequently, so if there's a major issue, please report it on Coral. 

*** Heed the warning system. *** 

I *will* kick you off the system if you have 3 warnings or you bend two probe tips. To get back on, you will have to be retrained. Please don't force me to do this. 

Thanks, and happy measuring. 

Mihir Tendulkar
Applied Physics PhD Candidate
Nishi Group, Stanford University

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