probe tips running out

Xiangyu Chen xiangyuc at
Tue Feb 22 00:43:41 PST 2011

Dear users
    Cascade probe tips are running out. We have only 5 left. I'm working on ordering some more, but it will take at least another 2 week or so to get them. Currently we consume ~3 tips per week (which is insanely fast, considering the fact that each tip is supposed to last for at least 1 month, when used properly), which means our storage of tips will run out before the new tips come in. 
    I would like everybody to know that we have used up 100 probe tips within last year. That means every new tip only lasts for 3-4 days on the station!! Recently we are going through tips even faster, on average every two days I get complaints about bad tip condition. 
    I would like to ask everybody again that please please be very gentle with cascade probe tips. They are much more fragile than the usual tips you see on other stations. Meantime, Mihir and I will be much more strict with users not being careful with the tool. Users will be removed from the user list when getting a total of two warnings. 


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