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Tue Feb 22 11:37:00 PST 2011

To follow up on what Helen said, 


If it appears unclear who damaged a tip, I will warn everyone within a certain timeframe. If you observe damage but don't report it, you will fall within that group. 

Please keep in mind that all tips have a natural bend to them at the very end. It should have a small crook in it. Only tips that are curly or have really long bends should be reported. 

Please report any users who leave the system in improper standby. If the lever is down, send me an e-mail. If you find that the microscope is not focused on all 5 tips when you begin your session, send me an e-mail. The ongoing damage issues are demanding too much repair time, and they are preventing other users from getting their work done. 

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> I would like to ask everybody again that please please be very gentle
> with cascade probe tips. They are much more fragile than the usual
> tips you see on other stations. Meantime, Mihir and I will be much
> more strict with users not being careful with the tool. Users will be
> removed from the user list when getting a total of two warnings.
> Helen

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