Fwd: Horizontal tube cleaner removal

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 18 10:39:45 PDT 2008


This will probably have an even larger impact on the CMP 
availability.  I have reserved the system for all of Monday to remind everyone.

Also, I updated the specification with the slower table speeds and 
polishing pressures.  I also modified the Auto programs to reflect 
these changes.


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>Subject: Horizontal tube cleaner removal
>Hello all,
>    Just a heads up. The horizontal tube cleaner in the 
> wafersaw-bottle clean room will be removed on Monday April 21 so 
> the room will be very noisy and dirty i have reseved the saw for 
> that day so it as well as polisher will not be available. Thanks in 
> advance for your cooperation, ted

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