anyone ordered ultrasol 3EX?

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Feb 4 11:27:37 PST 2008

CMP Lab Member,

If you did order this slurry you need to let me know.  We can not 
bring in new slurry without following the procedures.  We have to 
establish the reason for the different slurry (contamination, pad and 
compatibility control) along with informing EH&S (safety and disposal 

If you did order this slurry, you can not use it until it has cleared 
all the safety requirements.

If anyone plans on order a different slurry, please check with me 
before ordering.


At 11:19 AM 2/4/2008, SangBum Kim wrote:
>Dear CMP users,
>  One box from Eminess has been delivered to CIS receiving. It 
> contains 4(?) gallon carton of Ultra-Sol 3EX slurry. By mistake, 
> they put my name on the box but it is not mine. If you have ordered 
> the slurry, please reply. (order number : CO-011408-003, PO 20611631)

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