recommended new settings

Gary Yama (SNF) gyama at
Wed Mar 19 15:44:55 PDT 2008


The engineer was in to fix the tool,  looks like the dirty metal head1 
was used too long & the retainer ring was worn out.  New one installed & 
working OK.

SUBA 500 pad on non-metal platen, conditioned with water 10 min, 2x.

Engineer also said to soak head1 in water when not using, but called 
today & said NOT to soak the head1 in wafer. Just clean all the slurry 
off the black diaphragm throughly.  Clean off the slurry on head2 with 
toothbrush & water.  Do not let slurry dry on head 2.

New settings:

Platen: 50RPM
Head1: 30RPM
Head2: same 60RPM

Polishing pressure: 200gm/cm2
Retainer pressure: 300gm/cm2

This will lower the polishing rate & should good for those doing thin films.

Looking into stiff pad for Si & Ox topology wafers.

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