backup non-metal head1 switched to dirty metal

Gary Yama (SNF) gyama at
Mon Mar 24 17:01:14 PDT 2008

It looks like there was a problem with the original dirty metal head.

Currently CMP is set for dirty metal, conditioner, platen & head1. (the 
head1 that is now installed is the backup head1, non-metal, from Ed's 
office, thanks for letting us in Mary)

The non-functioning original dirty metal is on top of the CMP.

Non-metal platen, conditioner & head1 w/ clean retainer ring in under 
the tool.

Will need to get spare retainer rings, since we have no other spares.

I am getting a quote from Eminess for a IC1000, grooved & stacked stiff 
pad for topology wafers.

Thanks Sangbum for doing the swaps of the retainer rings/heads.


SangBum Kim wrote:

> The current dirty metal head1 (+retainer) was constantly making noise 
> while polishing. As Gary suggested, I switched only ** the retainer ** 
> from back-up non-metal setup that we picked up from Ed’s office and it 
> also made noise. Eventually as Gary suggested, I used the non-metal 
> head1 with original retainer and it works fine (polishing rate was 
> normal – 210nm/min. No noise. No chucking problem. Both (100/60 and 
> 50/30rpm) x (250/350 and 200/300) worked fine without making any noise.
> Thanks for Gary’s help.
> SangBum

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