5 Gal S-10 Arrived

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 5 10:42:35 PDT 2009


A 5 gallon bucket of S-10 slurry arrived today.  One more bucket 
should be in transit and I will order a couple more.  If you are a 
frequent high use lab member and don't help your fellow lab mates by 
informing us of your high use, we will figure a way to modify your behaviour.

To help minimize gaps were we don't have slurry, please let me know 
if you are planning a lot of polishing.  The slurry we buy is 
typically in stock and they quote a 2 week shipment date (but this 
doesn't count the SU purchasing lag).

Also, it was noted by GnP during their visit we are not doing a good 
job cleaning the system.  We need to make sure the especially the 
polishing pad and membrane (head1) are extremely clean.  They also 
recommended we purchase a brush to help clean the pad.  While I was 
out shopping on Monday I did purchase a brush for cleaning the 
pad.  I will place it in the lower cabinet for your use.


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