CMP Cleanliness and loss of tool qualifications

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Dec 8 15:00:13 PST 2010

CMP Lab Members,

I have warned the CMP community that I would start disqualifying lab 
members on the CMP.  Today I have taken this action.  While I was 
changing the hardware set I was dismayed at the lack of effort and 
attention put into cleaning the system.  I had chunks of slurry 
falling off while I was unscrewing the components, I might as well 
been on the Santa Cruz beach with as much grit that was left on the 
polishing pad, there did not appear to be any time spent on cleaning 
the conditioning head and there was no hazardous waste tag on the 
waste carboy.

The requirement for continued use of the tool is a high level of 
effort put in to cleaning the system.  The system should be free of 
any slurry on the hardware components (yes, I know there is too much 
build up already on some hardware.  Remember I see the hardware going 
in and coming out and I can see what changes), the slurry line should 
be purged with DI water and free of any slurry and also dry (not DI 
in the slurry lines), the slurry purge bottle should be empty, all 
the hardware needs to be bagged and the hazardous waste tag needs to 
be in place and filled out correctly.  Remember EH&S is requiring us 
to list Sodium Hydroxide on the hazardous waste tag along with the 
slurry type and DI water.


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