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Robert Huang roberth at
Thu Feb 3 23:27:47 PST 2011

Fellow CMP'ers:

Have any of you looked at any other post-CMP cleans?  I have been going the manual route using DI water rinse at the wetbench next to the tool, brush scrub with the sponge (front and back-sides of the wafer), back to DI rinse, then N2 dry.  I then follow the standard KOH decontamination at wbsilicide.  However, when I do AFM after all this, I still see indications of slurry particles on my wafers.  I'm also concerned about any other residue, including metallics, that may still be on my wafers.  If any of you have tried other post-CMP cleans, I'd be very interested to hear your results and experiences.  In addition, has anyone ever tried the automated clean tool to the right of the tool?


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