CMP disqualifications

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Oct 10 11:23:07 PDT 2011


I just spent an extra hour cleaning up the CMP tool.  Most of the 
problem came because someone was running the clean non-metal head with a 
failed membrane.  This let slurry up in to all the small ports in the 
polishing head which had to be cleaned out.  It is very easy to tell 
when we have membrane problems.  The membrane will not hold any 
pressure.  In this case it would not inflate at all because over one 
third of the membrane had become detached.  If you were the last user, 
expect a disqualification notice to come your way.

When I came in to change the hardware set, I found a dripping DI water 
source which resulted in an overflow in the carboy, the primary recipe 
had been changed, dried slurry on the pad (which I think came from a 
different user), the slurry dispense line laying on the bottom of the 
cabinet and the hazard tag incorrectly filled out.  This person will 
also be disqualified.

I want to enforce, that just listing the slurry type is not sufficient 
for EH&S.  You must also list Potassium Hydroxide as a component on the 
hazard tag.  I will keep an eye on the hazard tags and start issuing CMP 
free vacation times if you don't fill out the tag correctly.


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