CMP update, 6/8/2012

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Jun 8 17:20:22 PDT 2012


1) Yes, the old regulator was not removed.  It appears that it was 
mounted on the frame prior to the system assembly.  It's not in an easy 
place to access and it's mounted to a critical component.  It would be 
nice to get it removed, but it's a bigger project than it should be.

2) Oxide polishing has been around 12 Ang/sec according to all of Chris 
McGuinness work.  This spans a number of years of effort.  I think the 
rate is OK.

3) I would be very hesitant at modifying the retainer ring.  The new 
membrane is very flexible compared to the old head design.  The retainer 
ring is mainly for confinement of the wafer and the inner ram is what 
creates the force on the wafer.  With the new, stretchable membrane the 
inner ram should be able to extend much farther.  I can test this on the 


On 6/8/2012 4:00 PM, Gary Yama - SNF wrote:
> 1) Pressure regulator is now mounted on the back of the tool.  Lower
> regulator not functional. Need to look through the left side window to
> see pressure now.
> 2) 30/50RPM. 200/300pressure, gold tooling, new retainer ring/membrane
> assembly, S-10 slurry, 60s polish took off>800A thermal ox.  Seems
> faster.  Leaving ~5mm non-polished edge due to thicker retainer ring.
> 3) New retainer ring is ~0.5-1.0mm thicker than 550um wafer.  It
> should be 66-100% of wafer thickness to allow polishing out to the
> edge of the wafer.  Does vendor have a different thickness of retainer
> ring, or can this one be sent out to the machine shop for thinning?
> Let me know if you have any other questions from this brief test.
> Gary

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