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Philip Huie philhuie at
Fri Aug 3 10:19:10 PDT 2001

Hello John.  Thank you for your response.  Attached is the log file after a
failed attempt on my laptop (running Windows ME) in my office this morning.
I tried to access Coral at 1000, Friday, August 3.  I was able to install
remote Coral and access Coral on my home computer running Windows 98.  This
would account for the 3 successful log-ins last night.  Thanks for your time
and help.

Respectfully yours,
Phil Huie

Received from Dr. John Shott:


My guess is that Remote Coral should be able to run on Windows ME ...
I can't say that I have personal experience to confirm that.

That is not one of the errors reported commonly, however ...

We can track it down a bit further if you can send us the Java Web Start log
file.  You may not be generating log files, so here is what you should do:

1. Start up Java Web Start (not remote Coral).

2. Under one of the pulldown menus is "Preferences".  Select that and it
open a menu with several tabs.  Click "Advanced", I think, and you will be
given a opportunity to specify a file for keeping logs for Java Web Start.
Pick some place easy to find ... and give it an extension that you can open
with word, or notepad, as it is a text file.  I specify D:\Home\JavaWS.txt
but anything will do.

3. Then, try to start Remote Coral ... which will hopefully generate the
error ... and then send a copy of the log file to computer at

4. Oh yes, also tell us about what time you did this experiment in case
is anything that we can look for in the server logs ...


 Note, in the logs for this evening, I see 3 attempts by you to login
... with no errors (I would have thought those to be successful ... at least
from the server side).  Then ther is a fourth attempt that reports a bad
password ... that would typically be associated with a typing error.

So, your logfiles should, hopefully, provide additional information.
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