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This request was sent on  July 27th.  Please refer to Cynthia's notes as
she outlines the reporting criteria.  When will the report be available?


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>Subject: EE Compliane Audit
>Per our telephone discussion, please provide a list of SNF users for FY00 
>(9/1/99-8/31/00) to present.  The list should include all different types 
>of users (e.g. industry, academic, Stanford affiliated, etc...).  Please 
>also include the following fields when generating the list:  user name, 
>type of user, training date, and any other information that will be helpful 
>when tracking the users' H&S training records.
>Below is a link to the audit program.  This will give you an overview of 
>the different areas we look at during a compliance audit.  Feel free to 
>surf the Internal Audit website for more information about our department 
>and our services we provide to the University.
>You can reach me at 3-5938 or Michelle Fortnam at 5-8692 (Electrical 
>Engineering Compliance Audit Manager) should you have any additional
>Thank you for your assistance.
>Cynthia Lim
>Staff Auditor, Internal Audit
>651 Serra Street, Room 290
>Stanford, CA  94305-6212
>650-723-5938 (phone)
>650-725-0073 (fax)
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