Rohit Shenoy rohits at
Tue Aug 21 20:17:40 PDT 2001


 I have a couple of questions regarding crystal-
 (a) I have changed some recipes on the tycom system and these are
currently saved on the floppy disks inside the SNF fab. Is there any way
I can export these recipes to some other systems so that I cna print
them out? In the past there used to be an interface from crystal to the

 (b) My crystal account is not working (cannot login). There is a '*' in
the passwd field in /etc/passwd. Could you please look into this? I need
to be able to monitor the sige furnace (tylan#8) since I am involved in
recipe development for the same.

 My crystal/coral login is 'rohits'

 Thanks in advance,

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