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Lourdes Ventura lventura at snf.stanford.edu
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>Subject: Jasmine June Invoice
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:58:28 -0700
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>Hello Lourdes, 
>There were several problems with the June invoice for Jasmine Networks. I
>John Shott at the time. However, the problems don't seem to have been
>on the July invoice.
>This is invoice #7297 for SNF account # 9-VAV-415.
>Gladys Sarmeinto accidentally charged $1,175 worth of supplies to this
>account. She
>was working for Stanford at that time and meant to charge her Stanford
>She said she would confirm this with John Shott.
>David Caudillo charged $175 to the Jasmine account #9VAV415. He should have
>charged this to the MuSquared account #9VAV459. Could you please transfer
>this $175 charge to the MuSquared account and delete it from the Jasmine
>As president of MuSquared, I officially authorize this. 
>I also requested that the Jasmine SNF account be closed and removed from
>Coral screens. This will prevent future misbilling. Also there are a few
>people no longer
>associated with either Jasmine or Musquared that are on this account. No one
>authorized to use SNF from Jasmine Networks at this point.
>Please contact either via email or at 408-895-5126 if there are any
>Thanks for all your help.
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