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Mike or John,

Do either of you have an easy or quick way to print this?  What kind
of computer guy can't handle a Word attachment?  Maybe we should can him?


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Subject: Student Helpers

Hi all --

I wasn't sure whether we should have separate listings or just one big
one.  Here's a writeup for one big one (based on the previous one we had
which brought in a couple of really good candidates).  Let me know what
you think (too confusing?)  (Bill/Mike -- I just wrote stuff off the top
of my head.  I'm sure you want more specific details and wording --
please make any changes you'd like -- or maybe write up a separate one
if you prefer.  Please send it back to me in whatever form you like and
I'll ask Lourdes to post it, since she's got the password.  It will get
posted on, which is apparently where Stanford posts all
its student jobs.)



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