E-mail Problems

Ciara Preston cpreston at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Dec 4 14:23:12 PST 2001

My e-mail started acting up about 2 weeks ago. I tried to drag a folder
named "request access" into another named only "access" with a
sub-folder named keys. It dissappeared, I lost all the electronic copies
of requests for keycards. Fortunately I'd made hard copies of them.

Last week My e-mail started giving me an error message & throwing me out
whenever I sent something or went to the sent file. Now my entire sent
file completely dissapeared.

Mike Bell said to uninstall Netscape, & reinstall one he got from the
Stanford reccomended software. I did that, but still get an application
error every time I try to send any e-mails or acess the new sent file I
created. Apparently messages are being sent now now.  I still get the
error message every time. Mike says my machine might be corrupted?
Ciara Preston
Lab Services Administrator
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Phone 650-725-3664

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