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Wed Dec 19 10:11:35 PST 2001

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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 11:11:42 -0500
From: Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin at>
To: bmurray at Stanford.EDU
Subject: Remote microscope computer

Good day!

I'm the person at the MEMS Exchange who's responsible for the remote
microscope.  We'd like to get all of our microscope computers running
the same Linux distribution, so we're planning on upgrading all of the
microscope computers to Debian, which has nice features for updating
the system software in-place.

Upgrading the OS remotely is a problem, though, so I'd like to have
the microscope computer shipped back to the MEMS Exchange so we can
install Debian on it.  Hopefully you still have the packing material
for the computer; you don't need to send back the monitor.  (Sending
back the keyboard and mouse are optional; it's probably safest if you
do, so that they don't get lost.)

If you're not the person who should handle this, please let me know
who I should talk to.



A.M. Kuchling			  akuchlin at
Technical Staff, MEMS Exchange    Tel.: (703) 262-5368 x5374

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