Computer Order for Jeannie Perez

Lourdes Ventura lventura at
Thu Jul 26 16:27:06 PDT 2001

Hi there!
I'm having a big of difficulty ordering the computer for Jeannie. Raphael
and I spent a good part of Thursday morning trying to order online.

1. I called Stefani Fukushima (out of town until 8/6)
2. I talked to someone at the alternate number and he said to look at their
purchasing site. Dell is a CWA (corporate wide agreement) vendor, can do a
SNAP purchasing
3. Had difficulty accessing their purchasing site
4. Raphael logged into PRISM to do SNAP purchasing, searched for Dell
Computer = 0
    searched for computer 1,900 hits
5. Called CWA's hotline - Dell is not included as a vendor
6. Called Purchasing line again with a little more walk-through
    Package D1 model cost $1,353 + shipping $108   TOTAL = $1,461
    1 week delivery with standard; if custom configuration 1-3 weeks delivery
    However, we still need a catalog number because SNAP purchasing is not
accepting Dell Computer D1 Package.

NOTE:  Difference in cost between computer order at Frys Electronic in June
28, 2001 - Dell Pentium 111 = $1,480
               Stanford's Dell D1 Package = $1,461
               Difference = $19
However, I don't know the difference between their configuration.

Major Problem Here:  
1. I am not a system administrator and cannot even begin to discern the
differences between any configuration. I know I can easily order the wrong
item (scary) because I am not a techie.
2. The hard copy of what to order is nebulous (in my eyes) -
    a. I can add (drop Zip drive)
    b. Change OX from Win 2000 (FAT32)
                            to Win 2000 (NTFS)
    c. BUT what is "how to specify installation of PC-Stanford" - do we
want instructions?

Can someone else pick up the computer ball here?

Thank you.  Thank you.
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