Request Report - New User FY2000 and FY2001

Lourdes Ventura lventura at
Fri Jul 27 11:04:36 PDT 2001


Please generate two reports, a list of new lab users who took the safety
training course. The report should include the following:
1. user's name
2. login name
3. affiliation (Stanford, industrial/govt./outside academic)
4. training date.  

The two reports are for FY2000 and FY2001 (9/00 - 7/01).
Needed by:  August 2, 2001 (Thursday)

Note:  I just talked to Cynthia Lynn x35938.  She is doing an internal
audit of our training records to verify lab users who have gone through
safety training.  She will take 5-10 samples from the list and look at the
physical file for the "Acknowledgment of Understanding Statement".  She can
look at at the records electronically and was wondering if the signed
confirmation by the users having taken the safety class are also in a
scanned electronic format. She is very much aware of the transitions this
past year.
We can show Cynthia our current retention of training records a/o May 2001
and that in each new user file contains the signed "Acknowledgment of
Understanding Statement" and also the attendance sign-in sheet confirms
their attendance (Safety Module, Building Tour, and Lab Safety Tour).

Cynthia is currently looking at our website to ascertain our procedures.


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