Request for an UNIX account with DISPLAY

Rajni Burra burra at
Mon Jul 30 13:19:50 PDT 2001

   I am Rajni Kant Burra. I am a new labmember at SNF. I am Graduate
student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a part of my research
at SNF I need to perform simulations to have a better estimate of the
process parameters. I can only do this by connecting to the workstations
at University of Illinois at Chicago. I am not able to open the display
using my CORAL account (on the SUNRAY workstations), although I am able to
   Could you please provide me with an UNIX account which has the display
turned ON. I do not need a mail account in that. I only need minimal
memory to run a program and open the DISPLAY. I would appreciate your


Rajni Kant Burra.
Graduate Student.
ECE Department.
University Of Illinois at Chicago.

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