spanish-speaking server?

John Shott shott at
Tue Jul 31 16:53:44 PDT 2001


I think that I found out what is going on and how to fix it.

Perchance, was this occurring at the sunray in the maintenance area or the one
at the front door?
I went in there this afternoon and found that both were talking in spanish to
me too ... and since my spanish isn't very good, I decided that I'd better try
to fix it.

In any event, it appears to be settable on a per-sunray basis. If you log out
of a sunray (or before you log in) there is an "Options" menu on the screen.
Under that you can select "Language" and it gives you a rich set of choices.
That allows you to set numerous locales ... I think that if you select the
first choice that is labelled something like "C Posix" that this will convert
it back to english. Alternatively, I think that "en_US" should also work. The
2 sunrays that I found that were speaking spanish were set to "es" ... which I
think is spanish ... before I reset it.

If, in your travels throughout the lab, you find that more of these are being
set to non-English, then I will either send out a message asking people not to
reset that (unless they set if back). So, I hope that clarifies why your
sunray was speaking spanish and how to either correct it ... go get it to
speak german/french/italian.



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