Mike Bell mbell at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 6 08:52:06 PST 2001

John and Bill,

Some time back I put notices on several of the computers in the CAD lab
indicating that the space was needed for other things and that we planned on
eliminating the machines with the notices.  Well since no one of import
complained Mary T. asked me what we should do next.  I suggested turning the
machines off for a while, checking with John to see if he knew of any reason
they needed to kept, and then giving them to Tony to dispose of. I don't plan to
be further involved unless you want me to.

Nancy has given me a list of mice that need to be replaced in the lab on
sunrays.  I'll try to round up a few and swap them out.  I'll also try to order
a few to have on hand.  I'll of course try to clean the ones in the lab as well.

Nancy L. and others (Mahnaz, maint guys etc.) are avoiding the use of the
computer at ....  list and "grabbing" us instead. When I suggest that they do need
to use the list they comment that it's a waste ot time and get a bit upset.
Well, in fact, I don't have a huge problem with this and it may mean that the
list is serving it's purpose by deterring nuisance problems. I think the company
line still needs to be no email, no problem.  Otherwise when I insist an email
be sent, I'm the bad guy.  I'll send one to the list on the mice today for Nancy
and CC her, next time I'll insist a message be sent.  In another Mahnaz - the
sky is falling incident, a PC the lab was taking a long time to run a scandisk.
I did talk to Mike M. about it, but the bottom line is yea a surface scan can
take hours. My suggestion would be for one for the Maint. guys to be sent to
class for NT and for a policy be made clear for the Maint. area. John had a
great point that over time most of the equipment in the lab will run off  PCs so
they really are going to need the expertise.

I showed Len how to move his email off the server and onto his local hard drive
(per his request) in an effort to free up a bit of space. Basically all you do
is drag the folder from the top area to the local mail area which copies all the
files.  Then you can delete the top.  Might we consider not allowing people to
keep messages on the system except when necessary and setting up (PCs) as pop3
accounts in the future? I also sent out email to smoe of the real problem kids -
email is down a bit, but and this is Bill's point - without a policy to manage
it, disk quotes etc., the problem will not go away. Although, the new server has
lots more space!



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