Coral Terminals?

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Nov 28 09:02:39 PST 2001

Hello Computer at snf --

Could I bother you guys about two Coral terminals?

One is located in the CAD room -- in preparation for installing shelving
for lab storage, I was hoping we could move this to the other side of
the room, where it can be friendly with all the other computers.  There
are a couple of empty (well, temporarily occupied by
monitors-to-be-surplused) tables there, either of which could serve as
new homes.  Also, there was a request to separate the two SUN
workstations, so that they are not side-by-side.  Can I just shut one
off and move it over?  Or are there some other nurturing acts required?
Finally, there is a Sony trinitron monitor located where the old HP used
to reside -- I found it on the floor next to the Coral terminal, but
don't recall that it belonged to any system in that room -- do you know
anything about this?  (I put a "surplus?" sign on it.)

The second Coral terminal is located between wbnitride and wbmetal in
the lab.  We would like to put a chemical safety supply rack there.
Mahnaz says that she spoke with you fellows some time ago about moving
this Coral terminal to the opposite side of the aisle, so that we could
make room for this.  I see now, however, that the table housing the
Coral terminal will probably not easily fit on the other side -- I could
probably dig up a nice little wire rack that might do, if this is OK
with you....

Anyway, I know you guys are busy -- but if you tell me how I can manage
these moves without risking damage, I could take care of them...



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