Removing Green Newts on Individual Machines

John Shott shott at
Tue Oct 16 15:53:06 PDT 2001

Mike and Bill:

I've fixed the green newt problem on those 3 machines and now know the magic
incantations required to do that on a Sunray-by-Sunray basis.

It is basically a 3 step process ... although we could probably write a short
script to mostly automate this.

1. We need the 6-character IP address of the Sunray showing the green newt. 
To get this, hold the 3 "sound keys" on the Sunray keyboard simultaneously. 
(The three sound keys are just to the left of the "crescent moon" key on the
upper right side of the keyboard). This will show something like "F815CA" ...
that is a combination of 6 hexadecimal characters. These 6 characters are the
ethernet_address referred to below.

2. As root, on another sunray, on the console, or on a ssh window type:

basename `grep -li ethernet_address /var/opt/SUNWut/displays/*`

where ethernet_address is the 6 characters from above. Note: the ` is a "back
tick" ... This will display a 2-digit display number ... that will be referred
to as display_number in the following command.

3. To reset the session on that machine type:
/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utuser -k -xdisplay display_number.

This should reset the session ... although it won't know that it has been
reset until the next time that someone inserts a card.

Following is a list of all of the IP addresses for our Sunrays and where they
are located (well, as best as I can tell)



IP Address	Location

F105B9		CIS 044 (Ciara Preston)
C13C51		CIS 144 (Outside Nancy's Office)
B56DFC		CIS 151 (Computer Room)
B63E68		CIS 155 (Maintenance)
F815CA		CIS Entrance (Left)
F084F6		CIS Entrance (Right)
B5CBC1		Across from STS Dep
B53CD9		Near Ellipsometer (Left)
FDA844		Near Ellipsometer (Right)
B3420E		STS Etch
FDA62B		WB Silicide
B62FDD		TyCom Computer
F7F02B		WB Diff
FD4EC2		Tylan Bank 1
FEB40F		WB NonMetal
B56CAE		WB Metal
F07157		Drytek 2
C2FAAC		Across from Nikon Stepper
B640FC		Next to EV Bond
F83432		Next to Laurel
B56D1A		WB Solvent
F84A8B		Canon Stepper
COE316		Walker Box (Basement)

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