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Mike Bell mbell at
Tue Oct 23 16:28:02 PDT 2001


I got your phone message and I'm glad to hear your new system is in.
Unfortunately I won't be able to work on it for some time as I'm in the
middle of an assignment for my supervisor John Shott.  Basically Bill
Murray and I try to handle the system admin. tasks between our other
assignments. Dick Crane can advise you if you have specific questions on
how priorities are assigned.

Also if you wanted to try to proceed on your own, software can be
downloaded from http://msdn-ee/ or I can loan you Office2000 CD, other
software can be found by doing a search on "PC leland" at the Stanford
web page.

IP address are obtained from Jason Conroy at Jason Conroy
<jconroy at teargarden.Stanford.EDU>.

I've attached a copy of a check list that I use to this document.


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