Problem opening my e-mail on Coral

Mike Bell mbell at
Fri Oct 26 11:02:28 PDT 2001

Pierre and Randy,

Unfortunately this problem seems to be happening to everyone using Yahoo
mail and started a few days ago. I have tried a number of things,
reinstalling the user profile for netscape, deleting all cache files, using
different member accounts - all without success.  Since the problem
involves Netscape and Yahoo it may be that something has changed on their
end and involves an incompatibility with the (Sun) version of the Netscape
software that we are using.  Also disk use is very high (see the email I
sent out a few days ago) on the Sun server so it's possible that is a
problem.  My suggestion for now is to try using Hot Mail - I've been told
that still works.  Also perhaps if disk use drops that will help.  You
could also try checking with Yahoo mail support to see if they have
suggestions. The bottom line is that tracking something like this down can
be a long exercise and John Shott would need to authorize the time to do
that.  Please contact him at computer at for additional
questions on this.



"Indermuhle, Pierre" wrote:

> Hi
> I'm a labuser at CIS and since about a week, I can't open my e-mail
> account on Yahoo when logged on Coral.
> I know it's sounds weird, but each time that I'm trying to open my
> e-mail account, as soon as I give the login name and the pass word, the
> e-mail account opens, and then immediately, all my Netscape windows
> close.
> It's quite important for me to keep connected some how with my company
> when working in the CIS clean-room, so I hope that this problem is not
> too bad...
> Thanks for your help
> Pierre
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