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Mike Bell mbell at
Mon Oct 29 07:52:54 PST 2001

Well one way to do what you want is to simply go into netscape -> address
book ->new list  then just drag in whatever names you want.  You can then
use this list to address any email.  The next question is "How do others get
the list?" Well they need to do exactly the same thing, not really very hard
to do if you send them an email using the list. Otherwise you'll need a list
setup on the server.

Let me know if I can help.


Mary Tang wrote:

> Hi guys --
> We write weekly reports in the process group now...  What I'd like to do
> is to set up an alias, such as "process at snf" which allows us to
> distribute our weekly reports to each other, and to whoever else is
> interested.  Could you tell me how to set up an alias for an email
> list?  Would it be possible to make it modifiable?  (For example, Gladys
> is on vacation for the next several weeks...)
> Thanks,
> Mary
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