Email Lists

John Shott shott at
Tue Oct 30 09:47:15 PST 2001


I think that it is probably easiest to set up and ezmlm mailing list ... the
same thing that we use for equipment, equipment-pcs, labmembers, computer,
etc.  Subscribers can be added, deleted, etc.  It can even be archived and
available on a Web site ... although at the moment, we don't have a good way
to set it up so that it is privately viewable by only members of that list.

If you send me the list of login names, I'll create a list and add everyone to
it ...



p.s. It's usually not worth removing someone from the list while they are away
... they will be inundated with e-mail anyway and this allows them to at least
catch up with what has been happening.

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