New Machine Ready

Bill Murray bmurray at
Mon Apr 1 19:10:09 PST 2002


Your new machine is all set up in your office and ready to go.  With generous
assistance from Mike Bell, I have installed the latest version of all your
applications and have moved all your data from your old computer to your
new computer.  Please confirm that all of the applications that you require
are installed and configured to your satisfaction.  Also make sure that I've
moved all the data that you need.  If you should find something missing,
I have your old computer in my office so that it can be placed on the network
to move anything I have missed.  

Since I did not know your password, I have set a temporary password that
you can change at your convenience.  I have left the machine logged in and
running under your username (mahnaz).  I have also left your password on
your voice mail.

If you have any problems, you can reach me via email tomorrow.  I will be
in the office Wednesday to make any changes in configuration that you need.

Thanks for your patience,


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