e-beam list addition

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 9 08:45:25 PDT 2002

Yves-Alain Peter,

We added you again to the ebeam operator users list.  You should be
receiving email from the emls program.  Please reply to that email to
activate your ebeam user account.  Confirming access for you and your group
for training and writing Thursday 4-11-02 at 1300 -1500 hours. Try to get
your patterns registered on the system beforehand.

Thank you,

James Conway

Computer at snf:: Could you please verify that Yves-Alain Peter user name :
Has been activated on the corl system as a lab member / user?

Thank you,


Yves-Alain Peter wrote:

> James,
> I'm afraid the system did not entrerd my coral name in the e-beam users
> yet.
> Can you check it for me please? coral name is "peter".
> Due to the over-mentioned problem I was not able to reserve a spot, but
> anyway, I'll be there on Thursday afternoon with file and sample to
> perform some writing.
> Yves-Alain

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