printer hook-up

John Shott shott at
Tue Apr 9 17:11:26 PDT 2002

Bill and Mike:

I just happened to be chatting with Jason about printers ... I couldn't print
from Forsythe today.  Turns out, Jason had turned off access to the cis print
queue to machines outside of the building because leland machines had been
hammering on our printer pretty heavily.

However, he said that he actually prefers it if people use the cis print queue
... in part because if people use JetDirect they can, apparently, set a
password which anyone else using JetDirect would have to know.  He told me
that he would post a link to a Web site where he describes how Win2000 folks
can easily set themselves up to use bartlett.

Also, if I am not mistaken, virtually all of our machines (snf, rosen, etc.)
are set up to use the cis print queue ... guilden and some of the other new
boxes probably aren't set up that way yet.

Now, the only problem with the use of cis ... do any of us still know root on
that machine.  I did at one point ...



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