Qmail problems ...

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 20 12:03:56 PDT 2002

Bill and Mike:

When I came in this morning, qmail was still (well, had started again ...)
thrashing with those stupid virus-bounced kind of messages.  I found a utility
called qmHandle that provides for more automated inspection of the qmail queue
including inspection, deletion of some or all messages in the queue, etc.

It is a Perl script called that lives in /app/ezmlm/bin/qmHandle.  In general,
it needs to be run as root.  There is also a readme file in
/app/ezmlm/bin/README-qmHandle that gives its usage.  Some of the keys are:
	qmHandle -l		List all messages (local and remote) in the queue.
	qmHandle -dN		Remove message number "N" from the queue
	qmHandle -D		Remove the entire queue ...

Note: for qmHandle -D (which I ran, and maybe others) it stops qmail, does its
work, and then restarts qmail.

With luck ... this will eliminate our problems.

Note: I'm also looking at means of restricting posting from non-labmembers ...
this is not trivial because most of our folks have their mail aliased
elsewhere and, to make matters worse, often send mail from a still different
machine.  But, I'll try to see what is possible ...



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