Delivery error report

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Mon Apr 22 16:03:46 PDT 2002

I just received this, does it have something to do with the virus 
e-mail? Is it fixed now?

Date:         Sun, 21 Apr 2002 18:17:50 -0500
From:         "L-Soft list server at (1.8d)" 
Subject:      Probe failure for ABOUTNEWS

Sun, 21 Apr 2002 18:17:50

LISTSERV at ABLIST.ABOUT.COM has  just received the enclosed  delivery error
as a result of a probe sent to your BECKWITH at SNF.STANFORD.EDU account for
the ABOUTNEWS list.  If you are reading this message,  it means that your
mail system is successfully delivering mail to your mailbox, while at the
same time  reporting that an  error has occurred (or,  alternatively, the
error could be due to a system  problem which has since then been fixed).

------------------------- Delivery error report -------------------------
Return-Path: <>
Date:       21 Apr 2002 18:17:49 -0500
Reply-to:   postmaster at
From:       "LSMTP for Windows NT v1.1b" <postmaster at>
Subject:    Undelivered mail
To:         owner-ABOUTNEWS*beckwith**SNF*-STANFORD*-EDU at ABLIST.ABOUT.COM
X-Report-Type: Nondelivery; boundary="> Error description:"

An error was detected while processing the enclosed message.  A list of
the affected recipient follows.   This list is in a special format that
allows software like LISTSERV to automatically take action on incorrect
addresses; you can safely ignore the numeric codes.

--> Error description:
Error-for:  beckwith at SNF.STANFORD.EDU
Error-Code: 0
Error-Text: Message could not be delivered to mailer "SNF.STANFORD.EDU" after
             1.00 day(s) and has been discarded.  The last connection ended
             with a status of
             "%LSMTP-E-SMTP_OPENTMO, Timed out opening connection".

Error-End:  One error reported.

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