ZYGO Computer

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Dec 17 10:31:29 PST 2002


I believe that there are several things in the works that will resolve this
issue.  One of them, I believe, should be available today ... one should be
available in a day or so, and the third should take no more than a couple of

Option 1: Use ssh (Secure shell ... think of it as secure ftp/telnet) to move
your files to
snf.stanford.edu.  I beleive that the Zygo computer is already on the "shadow"
net ... which means that it can contact other on-campus machines.  Once the
files are on SNF, you can either use ssh to send them to exajoule if you have
ssh at your end, or you can send them to yourself at exajoule as e-mail

Option 2: We are going to install a CD/RW burner on that machine so you can
write your data file to a CD ... I expect that should be available in a day or

Option 3: We are working on upgrading that machine to Win2000 instead of WinNT
... largely because WinNT doesn't support USB.  This requires not only an OS
upgrade but an upgrade of the Zygo software (which Zygo has agreed to provide
...).  Once this happens, we can also support USB "key chain" flash memory for
transfer of files.

While I'm not involved in making this all happen, this is my understanding as
to the status and game plan.

Let me know if you have any further problems,



p.s. In general, computers such as the Zygo machine that don't have "real
owners" and better password controlled access because easy targets for
hackers.  That coupled with the high-bandwidth internet connectivity found on
most campuses make them interesting targets to a variety of hackers who want
to use them for who-knows-what purpose.  The campus networking folks are
becoming increasingly vigilant in finding, and shutting down, such machines
before they become an embarrassment to the University ... the denial of
service attacks of a year or two ago that affected Ebay, E-trade and others
were launched from machines at UC Santa Barbara and Stanford's own Hopkins
Marine Station in Monterey ...

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