Locked out of ELWIZARD my PC due to error in leland script wizard.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Feb 4 13:53:07 PST 2002

Hello  Mike or John,

Today I ran a leland login or profile editor wizard script on my PC to
modify my profile on leland.  I assume .profile ... Or at least that is
what I thought I did.

My intention was to have leland as another drive on my PC, i.e. to get
nfs link to leland established...

Once the script completed its tasking it caused a login popup box to
appear on my PC's screen.

It will not let me into my PC:

Unfortunately it places my login on my pc: (jwc )into the login box and
does not allow it to be modified to allow my leland login (jwconway)
to  be inputted.  Since I do not have a login named jwc on leland it
will not accept my login and now I am LOCKED OUT OF MY PC.   HO HO what
a mess!

Can you help me out of this mess, sometime this afternoon if possible.

even more humbly yours than a moment ago,            ;-)

James Conway

jwc at snf.stanford.edu


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