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Wed Jan 9 15:05:30 PST 2002

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Hi Lourdes,

Great idea!

Check with Tony Souza and determine if Barlett will be coming up this
after repairs.  If not, or if you cannot get a decision about the
let those powers that be (i.e.,computer at snf...) make the decision to
replace/repair barlett and/or set up the alternative printer to allow
redundancy for our IT hardware needs.

You have my blessings.
Thank you for all your help this week!



Lourdes Ventura wrote:

> hi james!
> i don't know if this is duable - while the Bartlett printer is being
> serviced, perhaps we can move Ciara's printer to that area and use it as
> back-up.  you will probably need to check with mary or john.
> lourdes

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