slow access and downloading of web html request

Mike Bell mbell at
Tue Jan 29 15:40:25 PST 2002


We download stuff all the time and the response is usually great.  It may be
their site.  Send me a url and what you're downloading and I'll take a look at
it.  Or do you mean that sometimes it takes a long while for an html page to
display?  There have been system problems resulting in slow network speeds.
Also next time it happens reboot your system and try the same website.
Sometimes netscape leaves a session running even though it doesn't show as an
application under task manager.  Also you could try IE, after closing netscape
(of course most of this only applies to your PC.)

Good luck.


James Conway wrote:

> Oh Great Superusers...            ;-)
> Has the httpdeamon been up and running?  I am seeing very long times to
> download almost any html file both within SNF and from the outside.
>  Wonder if it is just my machine or the whole area.
> Has anything been changed in the environment?
> James Conway
> 5-7075

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