2 - IP Number request

mbell mbell at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 13 16:33:18 PDT 2002


I'll forward this request to Jason who assigns IP address within the
building.  We only run DHCP on the wireless network - primaily used for
laptops.  Jason usually needs to know the location of the machine as well,
which in this case is in the main lab on the first floor.  The machines will
be on the public network.

James Conway wrote:

> Hello Komputer,
> 1.0 Do we have DHCP or fixed IP addresses here on the snf.stanford.edu
> network?
> 2.0 I would like ot request two IP numbers for two new host that we will
> be adding to the network in late June.
> Machine name RAITH
> Machine name RAITH_PL
> both are PC hardware running NT and MS 2000 Pro.
> Call me if you need more info or reply.
> Thank you,
> James Conway
> CIS 31 8:30 - 9:00 Daily.
> 650-725-7075

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