Questio about using ev aligner

Mahnaz mahnaz at
Mon Jun 24 16:13:01 PDT 2002

Hi Seoung,

I see the problem and we will look in to it and manually will remove the
charges. For the second question probably something went wrong with the
coral, it is not a good idea to disable when some one else's has it


Seoung-Jai Bai wrote:

> Hello Mahnaz.
>  My name is Seoung-Jai Bai. Last week on Wednesday, I have used the
> EV aligner for two hours. But according to the history menu on coral
> equipment client,
> I was supposed to use the machine for 23 hours. So I have a question
> about this.
>  When I finished using it, a guy who reserved the machine
> right after me asked me that he could enable the EV aligner. I just
> allowed it and
> checked the coral system. The login name next to the evalign on Coral
> client program
> was already changed from mine to the other's.
> So My question is:
> 1. Shoud I disable the machine in that situation even though other guy
> enables the machine?
> 2. On last Wednesday, was 23 hour fee charged to my account?
>  Thank you!!

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